Estate administration

More often than not, we assist family members with probate court procedures that could have been avoided entirely with some relatively simple planning. Planning ahead for your disability or death not only saves your family money in the long run, it protects your family's privacy, minimizes disputes, and helps everyone to move on without all the red tape. Of course, should you or your family need to obtain a guardianship for an ill person or child, or go through the probate process for a recently deceased loved one, we can guide you through the process.

Even if probate court is avoided, the passing of a loved one gives rise to various administrative matters. Depending on the level of wealth, a Massachusetts and even a federal estate tax return may need to be filed, assets will need to be transferred and debts may need to be paid (although it is not uncommon for a family member to pay debts that could have been avoided with the right legal advice). With proper guidance, these otherwise overwhelming tasks can be easily handled during an otherwise difficult time.