Scam Alert – Copy of Your Deed and Other Real Estate Matters


Please be aware that a solicitation from any company offering to obtain a copy (certified or otherwise) of your deed for you for a fee is a scam.  If I have assisted you with the transfer of your property to trust or otherwise, then I have provided you a copy of your deed and retained a copy for my files.  If you need a copy of your deed for any reason, then it can be obtained through the Registry of Deeds for the county where the property is located for just a few dollars.  Most counties even allow you to print it from their online search software at no cost.

Original Deed

Also note that you do not need an original deed or certificate of title to transfer your real estate.  The recording of these documents at the Registry of Deeds when you took title serves as proof of your ownership.  So, if you cannot locate the original, please do not panic.

Mortgage Discharge

Finally, please take a minute to think about any mortgage or other loan that has been taken out against your property.  If you have paid off the debt, it is essential that a “discharge” of that debt be recorded with the appropriate Registry of Deeds.  If you have any concern that a discharge may not have been recorded, we can search for it on the Registry’s website.  If it is not recorded, then it has to be obtained from the lender and recorded as soon as possible.  The longer you wait to obtain a discharge from a lender, the more difficult it can become to get one because of the frequent sales of mortgages and changes in the banking industry.  Tracking down a discharge after your bank has been sold several times, for example, can take some time and effort.