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Avoiding Probate Court by Funding Your Revocable Trust

Every estate plan should include a Last Will; however, to avoid probate administration after your death, all of your assets must pass to the beneficiaries without looking at the Will. If the Will needs to be consulted, then it must be done through the...

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Scam Alert – Copy of Your Deed and Other Real Estate Matters

Scam Please be aware that a solicitation from any company offering to obtain a copy (certified or otherwise) of your deed for you for a fee is a scam.  If I have assisted you with the transfer of your property to trust or otherwise, then I have...

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Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a document that operates during your lifetime. This document grants another person the power to stand in your shoes and take any action you can take with respect to your property and other financial rights. The purpose of this...

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